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The Best Lyrics From the Fearless Album by Taylor Swift

So Miss Taylor Swift released the song from the vault of the upcoming re-release of the Fearless album. And I have only one thing to say. How did she write this at 16, Jesus! The song You All Over Me had me weeping as soon as the guitar was playing. It was distinctively Fearless. However, it is interesting that the song sounds reflective rather than painful. Obviously, she doesn’t feel these emotions now. However, it got me wondering how the sound of the songs, even though will sound Fearless, will feel different?

But I absolutely love this song and I love Fearless. It is one of those albums that perfectly encapsulated for me about being a teenage girl. But I am gonna talk about the album once it re-releases on 9th April 2021. I am here right now to talk about something else from Fearless. It is the lyrics. Post her debut, people got curious about this young artist and her writing. It is Fearless where we become more aware of this girl’s skills of writing lyrics and melodies. Hence, here we are to talk about my 13 favorite lyrics from Fearless. Let’s dive into it:

Who has ever been 15 and does not relate to this line? The song ‘ Fifteen ‘ captures the age so perfectly. It highlights the anxieties, the ambitions, the friendships of this age with a whole story. When you are 15 you are naive. Taylor’s best friend Abigail got her heartbroken and Taylor decided to follow her dreams. It is a full coming-of-age film in one song.

2. “All those other girls/Well they’re beautiful/But will they write a song for you?”

Leave it to Taylor Swift to convince you to choose her over other girls. ‘You Belong With Me’ is solid proof. But the song ‘Hey Stephen’ and this lyric in particular also highlight Taylor’s underrated humor, her smartness, and the laugh which will become such a marker of her work.

3. “I’ve got you down, I know you by heart/And you don’t even know where I start”

‘Come in with the Rain’ is a supremely underrated song. There, I said it! I absolutely love this song. It is the song for those in love with someone who doesn’t even know they exist. You sit by the window, daydreaming, that one day they will notice you.

4. “My mistake, I didn’t know to be in love/You had to fight to have the upper hand”

Track 5 with the deep cut had to be there. ‘ White Horse ‘ is my favorite because of the classic Taylor writing trick it has. That is of changing the tense in the last chorus. It is a great storytelling narrative. This lyric is very mature and observant. Sometimes love does end up beginning how to manipulate someone more than anything.

5. “It’s two am/Feelin’ like I just lost a friend”

When you have a fall out with a friend and there is nothing you can do about it. ‘Breathe’ really heart-achingly shows the tragedy of losing a friend. When you lose a friend, you lose a part of yourself that really understood you. The chorus is beautiful and fresh. And always makes me cry.

6. “Oh, and it rains in your bedroom/Everything is wrong”

One of the many rain references in Taylor’s universe. ‘Forever and Always’ really showcases Taylor’s lyric writing and how conversational it is. The thing I like about this lyric is how melodramatic it is. Taylor is delightfully melodramatic. However, it also shows when you are that young, you do feel this way.

7. “Why do you have to make me feel small/So you can feel whole inside?”

Taylor has a very strong sense of self since the beginning. What I love about the song ‘Tell Me Why’ is how she confronts this guy who is very toxic in the relationship. She begins the song by warning him. And then breaks up with him, letting him know that she warned him before. It is so funny and genius.

8. “Me and my stupid pride sittin’ here alone”

‘The Other Side of the Door’ is the classic Fearless energy. It is a whole rom-com movie. She wants her lover to stand outside the door and scream I love you. What I love about this lyric is it showcases how self-aware Taylor is even at such a young age. But this song actually wins me over because of the post-bridge. It is too good.

9. “I am no one special/Just another wide-eyed girl/Who’s desperately in love with you”

I think we should all have known that Lover was to come. Taylor writes love songs and being in love so beautifully. There is something so hilarious about imagining Taylor in love with a band boy. This lyric and ‘Superstar’ song, in general, shows how Taylor always had this complex of being invisible and never enough.

10. “And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance/In a storm in my best dress/Fearless”

The whole of ‘Fearless ‘ song is charming through and through. It captures the idea of the whole album. The fearless act of diving into love. But the dance in the middle of the parking lot, the rain on the pavement, and the dress won me over and over.

11. “This love is difficult/But it’s real”

Taylor Swift, having read Romeo and Juliet, decided to change the ending on the song ‘ Love Story.’ She wrote it within 20 minutes in a Math class and it was the biggest hit ever. Despite Taylor’s idealized and romanticized notions on love on this album, this is where she gets it right.

12. “She’s Cheer Captain/And I’m on the bleachers”

This song was the anthem of 2008. ‘ You Belong With Me’ is a classic and I love everything about it. However, there is something about Taylor being the nerd that really raises my curiosity. Taylor has often talked about not being really cool and feeling like a nerd most of the time. In 1989, Taylor will become the cheerleader. Both in a cool and uncool way.

13. “It’s the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs”

The Best Day ‘ is about Taylor’s parents. The songs about her family get emotional and harder to listen to with time. But here this teenage girl is singing to her parents before entering into adulthood, as we will listen in ‘Never Grow Up.’ It is a beautiful song.

What are your favorite lyrics from this album? Let us know in the comments below. I will come back with more Taylor Swift. Till then, let us patiently wait for Fearless re-recordings.

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